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Repair portal

You will be notified of the status of your repair through our repair portal, which you can access 24 hours a day.

Customer Accounts that Save Time

Our customers, always business customers, can have their own login account that keeps track of all service orders. Apart from creating orders, they can track it once the device is delivered to our repair center and get real-time status updates. Customers can also communicate directly with the service agent. For example to accept or decline a cost estimate with a single click. This saves time, makes handling orders easier, and keeps customers satisfied.

Automated Email & SMS Communication

Our email and optional SMS modules integrate into the repair workflow, with both the technician and the customer able to communicate seamlessly with each other. The conversation history is easily accessible in a chronological view. Status updates can also be automated with preset snippets to maintain a uniform tone of voice. Our customers can also choose their preferred mode of communication.

Everything Digital, from Intake to Delivery

We can’t stress enough the change in customer behavior, from being willing to transact digitally to now expecting a fully digital customer experience. QMOSS customers can manage a service order remotely from intake to delivery. This includes accepting documentation, getting approvals, providing service contracts, and more.

From quick and accurate estimates to consistent updates on the repair order, communication is key to customer satisfaction and business success.

Our customer portal allows all customers to track a repair order from start to finish with only the order id required. The self-service portal allows your clients to create a repair order, print the repair note, and drop in or ship their devices to the store.

Repair orders always under control
All Repair Information in One View

Our repair queues are designed to give us a view of important repair order information. Know if a device has been assigned for repair, which technician is on it, how long it’s been in service, and more.

Comprehensive Data for Useful Insights

We analyze performances over time and identify where our intervention is needed in easing pressures and solving problems. Apart from financial records and invoicing data, this could include reports on all aspects of our repair business. Reports like: 1. types of devices, 2. technician workload & efficiency, 3. number of devices repaired and 4. warranty versus out of warranty repairs.

Our Portal provide a full picture of our stock and inventory with information that is most important to our repair and service business.

Our QMOSS portal makes it easier to handle consignment stocks, ensuring us to maintain the required levels of parts or products.

Repair procedure

As a result, QMOSS provides transparency about how it works and lets you know the status of your RMA. Your repaired device will be up and running again in no time.

We provide highly reliable, high-quality services that satisfy our customers through flexible responses.