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QMOSS Mobile Device Management

"QMOSS offers full support for your mobile Android hardware, because QMOSS believes that every company should be able to focus on its core business."


The QMOSS MDM is ready-to-run digital highway powered by SOTI Mobicontrol. It provides insight and control into where your mission-critical mobile devices are, what they are doing, how they are performing, and what security and compliance risks they face.

Roll-out service

Provisioning new devices and onboarding new colleagues is a breeze, as the devices are set up almost automatically via the QMOSS MDM with all the apps and access she needs. 

Low prices

The MDM digital highway is available for your company for a fixed price per month/period.

Contact our Salesteam for a demo and a price quotation

Your MDM

Your MDM server will be set up based on the information you provided when you applied for the project. We are then ready to provide support if you have any questions.


The first step in managing Android mobile devices is enrolling the device in an Android MDM solution. If you're using an Android Enterprise recommended device, you can also use Google zero-touch or QR code registration.


During provisioning, default profile with various policies and restrictions is applied to the device. In some cases, he configures the device with his OEM specific features of the device.


You can remotely install, configure, and update applications on your device. PDFs, Excels, and other data files can also be distributed to devices via MDM.

Kiosk mode

To improve employee productivity, we can ensure that employees can only use approved applications and websites.

Remote Control

Remote Control allows you to remotely assist a user with a problem. You can also view files and folders on your device, take screenshots, and see the list of running processes.

Location tracking

Location tracking of Android devices helps to locate lost or stolen devices, monitor employee activity, and ensure compliance with security policies.


MDM systems increase efficiency by blocking apps and features based on device location, time of day and network connection.


Security features Remote Lock and Remote Wipe protect corporate data and prevent data leakage if a device is lost or stolen.


Reporting capabilities help IT professionals monitor device usage and ensure compliance with security policies with data on device inventory, health and performance, app usage, security events, and compliance status.