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“Miraxess, innovating for mobile first users”

QMOSS would like to introduce you to our new amazing partner, Miraxess! Miraxess is a young and dynamic start up, founded in France in 2015 by Yanis Anteur (CEO) and Paul-Emile René (CTO). They strive to develop innovative solutions, illustrated by their solution for mobile convergence.

“Over the last 10 years smartphones have developed fast, into devices that can compete with laptops in terms of computing power. How can we best make use of the opportunities that gives us, and what can we expect from the future? Because PC’s become more mobile and mobile devices become more like PC’s, Miraxess believes that the only device we will need in the future is a ‘superphone’. Your smartphone will evolve into more than a phone, it becomes your PC.”


Miraxess’ first launch is the Mirabook, a passive terminal which transforms the smartphone into a full-fledged laptop to enable mobile productivity. Once you connect your smartphone to the Mirabook, you can use this device as your bigger screen, including mouse and keyboard. To learn more, please watch the video about the Mirabook at the bottom of this page.

What role will QMOSS play?

QMOSS will focus on importing, assembling, and repairing the Mirabook. In addition, QMOSS will assume all other logistics tasks as well as the supply chain in Europe. This means that QMOSS will expand from being a repair center to being a service provider for this brand. If you have any queries about distribution, marketing, or otherwise, do get in touch with us!