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About us

Timeline About us - QMOSS

From the beginning

What about us, QMOSS? Since 2014, we have proven ourselves as a trusted repair center for B2B environments. Our commitment and consistent high quality lead to high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. With this large customer base and strategic partnerships, QMOSS continues to grow year after year. QMOSS focuses on partnerships with manufacturers, resellers and end customers.

Additionally, QMOSS has expanded its offerings in recent years to include various service contracts, mobile device management, Android device staging, and in-service services. By providing tailor-made solutions, QMOSS is able to meet customer-specific requirements.

About Us - QMOSS Sustainable

Sustainable work is better for the environment and society. In addition, costs are reduced, the company`s future is increased, and the company’s image is enhanced.

Our mission

QMOSS stands for Sustainable Repair, Management and Maintenance of Mobile ICT and Auto-ID Devices.

We support organizations’ mobile operations, extend the life of devices, make people aware of e-waste, and build a circular economy that reduces the amount of e-waste.

We strive for a world where everyone makes more sustainable choices and where quality prevails over quantity. This is why QMOSS develops sustainable initiatives and services aimed at reducing our environmental impact.

Our vision

Device failure disrupts mobile digital processes, increases user and employee dissatisfaction, delays customer service, and increases downtime costs.

Being able to continue working is important. For this reason, QMOSS develops sustainable services that guarantee the longest possible device uptime.


About Us - QMOSS - Rayner

de Raad

Managing Partner
Business Development
Project Management

“Without respect and empathy, no durable relationship is possible.”

QMOSS - Zakaria


Service Manager
Repair Engineer
ICT Management

 “My colleagues call me QBOSS. I am your first point of contact and happy to help with all your concerns.”

QMOSS - Anthoney

Anthoney Scheffers

Repair Engineer

“By using original spare parts, we can provide high-quality sustainable repairs with short delivery times.”

QMOSS - Justin


Social Media
Product Management

“At QMOSS, everything is negotiable. We offer customization and are happy to work with you.”

QMOSS - Roos


Financial administration
Portal Management

 “The QMOSS team’s positive work atmosphere makes it possible to talk with customers with a smile.”